Monday, January 27, 2014

Countdown to 2014 Chinese New Year – 4 Days Left - Fish Craft

As we are coming to close to the end of the Year of the Snake.  In our household, we will be doing some Chinese New Year artwork to welcome the new year, the Year of the Horse. Today, we did a fish craft. I got the idea from Scholastic (Thank you Scholastics). Since I did not have some of the items needed for the first craft, we improvised with just cardboard cut into a fish shape; red (cut into long and short strips), yellow (cut into a fish shape) & black (for the eyes)  construction paper; glue; and scissor. It was fun, and turned out great. 

Besides making the fish, Lina<3 learned about how yellow (gold), and red are good luck the Chinese New Year, and for Chinese people.  Lina<3 learned her some of her colors. Lina<3 is ready for the New Year, she has been saying “gong xi gong xi” (congratulations in Mandarin) and bowing as she says it.  After we done with the fish, we played with the fish :)  These fish are going to PorPor's house as a gift for them...shhhh do not tell them ;)

Here are some more art and craft projects (click on the links below): that we are looking into doing in the next two days or so:

more fish craft;

coloring pages   are extremely simple and easy to do, and  here are more coloring pages;

dragon art work (it looks really interesting to do and I think that Lina<3 would enjoy this a lot) and more dragon;

firecrackers (I am going to use toilet paper rolls and ribbons for this projects, possibly paint);

lanterns (Oh I love lanterns, I remember making them as a child, I would totally make this), lanterns here and here is a tutorial about lanterns;

zodiac animal book;

chinese drums;

and one stop shop for Chinese New Year art/games/fun .

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