Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting on 2013!

As 2013 quickly comes to an end, it has made think about how the year had started and will end. The year started with Lina<3 becoming a toddler, learning to sleep through the night, and being weening from breastfeeding after 14 months. Lina<3 had become more adorable over the year. It was wonderful watching her learn many new things each day. I feel that she understands us more and speaks to us more often. It was once a upon of time when we needed to make Lina<3 laugh but now she knows how to make us laugh and giggle at her silliness. Lina<3 had learned what it was like for Mommy to have a baby in the belly. Lina<3 also learned how to interact with her grandparents more often, during the days when Mommy went back to work for a several months. My pregnancy with Serena:) was wonderful experience although it had some difficulties. I am enjoying my newborn so much. I am enjoying being a Mommy of two little girls :) and loving it! Serena:) is adorable and beautiful who I love very much. I love my little Lina<3. I love my family!

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