Monday, December 30, 2013

A Good Morning...

This morning was one of the best mornings, we had in a long while.  Daddy got Lina<3 ready for the day while Mama took care of Serena:) After taking care of Serena:) she played in her bassinet with hanging toys and she looked so happy playing with her toys - it was so cute! During that time, I was able to enjoy breakfast with Lina<3 that Daddy prepared for us. When Daddy left for work, it was just us girls, and we had a good time. Lina<3 was such a good girl, this morning, there was very limited fussiness and whining. Lina<3 used the potty by herself, took off her own pants, pee pee, and Mama wiped. All while I had to take care of Serena as well with nursing, and diaper changes. The only difficult thing was lunch time, where Lina<3 refused to eat. The best thing was that Serena:) had slept for almost five hours, which allowed me to feed Lina<3 lunch, myself, and take care of nap time.

I wished I could say that it was an good afternoon and evening time. As soon as Lina<3 woke up from her nap, it was all about whining, crying, and being difficult when she could not get her way.  Lina<3 did not want me to take care of Serena:) at all and she wanted was pick up. Snack time was difficult because Lina<3 kept changing her mind about rather she wanted to eat or not. Evening was the toughest, when I had both of them demanding attention from me.  The good thing was that using the potty for Lina<3 went fine and no accidents.

It felt like once I was done taking care of Lina<3, it was Serena:) turn, then back to Lina<3, and then Serena:) And around and around we go.

Now as both of them sleep, it is time for Mama to sleep.

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