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2013 End of The Year Tips : Part Two - Pregnancy and Postpartum

It is Part Two : Pregnancy and Postpartum Tips

It was not easy being pregnant, and having a toddler run around, demanding your every waking moment especially the first and last trimester.
1.  Getting enough sleep and resting were extremely important for me because I was always so tired. It was great to have a husband who allowed me to do that by taking over the household chores and our little Lina<3.
2.  Eating healthy while pregnant, this time around was a little harder, because I was craving so much junk food (my pet peeve) and I was always hungry.  I did portion control as best as I could, my meals. With the diagnosis of gestational diabetes... portion control was extremely important, staying away from white carbohydrates which can raise your glucose levels. I did not have to take insulin because it was managed with diet and exercise (well, mostly diet). Drink a lot of water (at least 64oz) throughout the day, but especially after eating your meal, and before you take you finger stick.
3.  Drink a lot of water.  At least 64oz, that is what the diabetic educator told me to do. With that much water, expect to use the bathroom frequently. Do not try to hold it.
4.  Try and exercise - the only exercise I did was walk, (but that did not happen too much) and light cardio.  Do kegel exercise which will help during child birth and the aftermath.
5.  Relax and do not stress, stress is not good for your health or the baby's.

Having a c-section with Serena:) was the scariest and nerve wrecking thing I have experience because no matter how I read about it, it was not same as real life. It was not most warm situation to be in when the baby comes out, because all you can do is look at the baby, and kiss her, then off she goes to get cleaned up, and to the nursery. The good thing was that Daddy was able to hold you, and then follow you to the nursery.
1.  Recovery time was hard the first 24 hours. It was difficult to move. I was not in so much pain, because all the pain medications and also I can handle pain well. It was difficult taking care of Serena:) after she was born. I push through it by trying to move as  much as possible, as it will help you heal.  The difference between the c-section and vaginal birth was the pain level - for me, I felt more pain with the vaginal delivery, and the pain lasted for about a few month afterwards.
2.  When taking care of the baby postpartum, do no be afraid to accept help from your spouse, and family members.  It will definitely take the edge off and help you relax a little more. I am not one to ask for help except from my husband, but I will not decline help if my parents offer it.  When Lina<3 was born two years ago, I always wanted to do things on my own and did not want any help but now, I welcome it. I welcome as much help as possible.
3.  "Wear a griddle" - my doctor told me. It will help you keep your stomach muscle in tackle. I never like wearing anything tight on my stomach, so it was hard for me to wear the griddle for more than three weeks.
4.  Eat, Eat, Eat and Nap, Sleep, Sleep, and Drink a lot of water.  Sometimes it is hard to do when you are taking care of two kids by yourself.  When I have help, it is easier to do and think about myself a little bit, by remembering to eat, and drink liquids. I find that when I do not drink enough, I get headaches. If I do not eat enough, I find that my breast does not get fill up that much, like the appearance of less breast milk, produced.
5.  Breast feed the baby!  It is my motto. If breastfeeding hurts, try a used tea bag and rub it on your nipples, and it should bring some relief.  It helps me.
6.  Take care of yourself, or at least let hubby do it for you :) I have the best husband in the world. He takes such good care of us girls :D

Please be Advised that all these tips are from my own experiences and if there are any concerns or questions regarding these tips, please refer them to a professional.

If you have any tips for me regarding pregnancy or postpartum, please comment below.

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