Friday, October 4, 2013

my baby is sick :(

My little Lina<3 had not been feeling good all day. She has been warm all morning with no fever, tired, a little fussy, clingy (more than usual) and vomited her breakfast (hoping that it was just from being too full, and nothing else). Mama left you for 2hrs with PorPor to go to work after I put you to sleep. Around noon, Mama came back to check on you, and felt uneasy that she is still feeling warmer (but no fever), not eating well, nor drinking too much fluid, so I made an doctor's appointment. At the doctor's, there was a fever, was given some children's Tylenol fever reducer. The instructions from doctor are to monitor the fever, take children's fever reducer if needed; used a damp rag to cool off body; lightly - no greasy food, just crackers, some rice, soup, drink liquids; and watch out for diarrhea/vomitting. The good thing was that Lina<3 was not sluggish, or losing energy, and actually wants to play. By bedtime, the fever went down but went to check on you two hours later, body temperature rises, fever ...not good. Mama is so concerned about her little baby. Given some medicine so hope that it will go away soon. Feel better my baby!


  1. Is hard when our kids get sick for no reason. Glad she's feeling better

    1. Thank you Nikki. It is her first being sick like this. The fever is still there :( but she remains the same, not much physical changes except for warm body, continues to play, and be fussy. I hope it won't last too long.