Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mega Blocks

Mama brought the Mega Blocks from Babies R Us/ Toys R Us for a great deal with their red hot deal last week. It cost $10 for 100 counts. Great deal!! 
Lina<3 enjoyed the Mega Blocks very much. It may not seem such an educational toy, but it can be. With the variety of colors of the blocks, the colors are being learnt. Lina<3 repeats after me whenever I say which color the block is. She is getting better at stacking the blocks on top of each other, and putting her stuff animals inside of what she built with some help. As soon as we started to played with the blocks, you wanted them to be “choo choo” (for train), and for a while, it was “choo choo”. Her imagination is increasing every day, and getting more creative.
The size of these blocks are perfect for her little hands to grasp, hold, stack, and pull apart, which helps with the hands and eye coordination. The blocks are also appropriate for her age group. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and so is Lina<3 – which is the most important.


  1. Your blog is SUPER cute. ^_^
    You love your daughter like crazy, it's heartwarming.
    God (YHWH) bless you and your family. <3

  2. Thank you so much! That means so much! I hope that you continue to watch us grow as a family.