Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Foods And Allergic to Peanut Butter

Hello my baby Lina<3,

With your allergies to soy products, Mommy is always concern that you will have a reaction to the soy milk that you are drinking.  You do not drink more than 20oz of the soy milk.  Since you drink soy milk, we do not add any more soy products to your diet, after learning from a mistake.

Daddy and I decide that it was time to try other milks.  After extensive research about the different types of milk in the market, it was hard to decide where to start.  We always believe that regular cow's milk is a no go.  There are pros and cons to everything. 

While at Whole Food supermarket, we decide that it was time to try almond milk, unsweetened, and organic.  The vitamin content is sufficient as well as the calcium level.  You have been drinking it once a day for a week now.  At first, it was probably weird to your taste buds, because it was new, and you drank it slower.   So far, you are enjoying, and there are no allergic reactions.

Mommy thought it was a good time for you to try peanut butter as well.  Mommy was hoping to find a different alternative to lunch.  But unfortunately after a couple of spoonful, and an hour later, you threw it up.  An allergic reaction to the peanut butter.  You vomited it all.  My poor baby, it was terrible to see you so uneasy from the peanut butter.  We will not be trying that any time soon.

We tried yogurt with coconut milk.  You had allergic reaction to organic yogurt.  You do not like yogurt so much.  I am hoping that it will grow on you.  We will see, it has only been a three days.

We will be trying to coconut milk soon, and I hope that you will like it.

I love you baby. Muah

Gluten Free Foods

To My Lina<3,

We have been trying gluten free foods for the last few weeks.  So far, it is good for your skin and does not make your symptoms of eczema worst.  You enjoy it very much, and cannot tell the difference.

The products that we are trying are:
1. Happy Baby organic puffs, gluten free.  We have tried all the favors except for purple carrot and blueberry.  Yes, when I said we, I meant you tried it, and Mommy tried it as well.  Whatever goes into your mouth, Mommy make sure that I try it too.  These puffs are go to snacks.  When you know it is snack time, you go to cabinets where the puffs are stored and point to it and tell Mommy that is the snack you want to eat.  These are easy to find in supermarkets, Babies R Us, WalMart, and Target, just to name a few.

2.  Rice Krispies Gluten Free Cereal from Kelloggs.  I was so glad that I found these in the supermarket.  Although it is not organic, I thought you should try it, to see if gluten free is better for your skin.  This are a good alternative for breakfast, and for snack time.  You do not like it so much but will eat it.

3. Pasta, Gluten free TruRoots fusilli pasta, gluten free and elbows pasta, gluten free.  You enjoy eating these pastas.  You enjoyed picking the pasta with your hands and eating it with your fingers.

4. Glutino blueberry breakfast bars, gluten free; pretzel twists, gluten free; and pretzel sticks, gluten free.  These snacks you love.  Mommy needs to be extra careful about the pretzels, only give you a small piece at a time.  The blueberry breakfast bar, you love but I tried to not to give it to you so often, since the sugar content is high.

5. ArrowHead Mill organic sprouted corn flakes: Mommy was so glad to find this.  It is a nice alternative for breakfast.  You like it, but not too often.

6. Bread, gluten free as well.  It was hard to find this bread, but so glad that I found it.  It is a gluten free, raisin cinnamon bread (I do not recall the brand, once I do, I will update).  You love to eat bread.  I found this in Whole Food supermarket.  We are also trying gluten free waffles, but you do not like it so much after one try.

Gluten free products are doing well for you skin.  The redness of  your cheeks does not appear as often.  These gluten free products were fairly decent in price except for the bread.  We will try to stay as gluten free as possible.

I love you, Lina<3.  I hope that you continue to eat everything that Mommy gives you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy's First Week of Work

My Little Lina<3,

How are you doing today? I know that you must be enjoying Mommy's day off.  We have two entire days to spend with each other and it is going to be All About Lina<3.  Lots of hugs and kisses, laughing and smiling, playing and reading; just a  lot of fun time.

Okay, we got through the first week of work.  It was so hard to be away from you.  I know that you hate to see Mommy leave you in the mornings.  For three days, you stay with PorPor, and you two are getting into a schedule, which is good because you are eating a little better, and sleeping a little better.  You enjoyed going out to the park, supermarket with PorPor.  You love to spend time with PorPor.  PorPor is teaching you to use the potty more often. Every time I dropped you off at PorPor's house, you cried a  lot, and it breaks my heart.   For two days, you are spending the day with Daddy.  The two days are easier because we are not rushing in the morning and it is more relax.  You take a ride with us, to drop Mommy off at work.  You did not cry at all, gave me a kiss, and that was that.  It still breaks my heart to see you and Daddy drive off.  I want to be my two babies (Daddy and you).  You had a lot of fun with Daddy.  At the end of each work day, I come to you, and you give me the biggest hug and kiss, it completes my whole day!  When we get home, the only person you want to play with me (and you are also very clingy), which I love (even though I can be tired).

I feel so lost with you during the day.  Although I do call often, and sometimes you "talk" (baby talk) to me, it just does not seem like it is enough.  I love to look at  your pictures, and reminds me how much I miss you.  I feel like I am missing out on you playing in the park, and interacting with other children (or chasing boys in the park or trying to touch other children, lol - Daddy said).  Ahhh, my little Lina<3, it will get better for the both of us.

I love you so much.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Trial Run at PorPor's house

My Precious Little Lina<3,

These past three days including today, have been extremely hard on both of us.  I am uncertain whom is taking it harder, you or I?  I guess that we both are.

Mommy is going back to work so we are doing a trial run with PorPor, where Mommy leaves you with her for hours, and you have to get use to me not being with you all day long.  PorPor (grandmother in Cantonese) will take good care of you, with all the instructions and guidelines that Mommy had prepared for her.  You played with PorPor, go the park, go for walks, go to the market, and play at her house.  From what PorPor said, you are well behaved, not too much fussiness, scratching, crying or temper tantrums.  You listened well.  The only thing that Mommy is concerned about are diaper changes, (we are on the third and last day of the trial run, and you have a terrible diaper rash), nap time (you are refusing to go to sleep in the travel crib, and does not want PorPor to put you to sleep even though you are tired), and meal time (when PorPor feeds you, you are not eating that much).  I believe that you will just fine, and dainty.  With enough time, you will no longer cry that much for Mommy, you will take naps, and you will eat from PorPor. 

Mommy misses you very much, when you are not with me.  I felt lost without you.  I want to turn around, and see you.  I want to hear your voice in the next room.  I  want my little baby to be right with me.  I know you are probably thinking, what am I going to do when you go off to school... homeschooling is always an option, maybe, lol.

I know that you miss me very  much as well, because when I come back to PorPor's house, you have the biggest smile on your face, and reach over for me to hold you.  I got a lot of hugs, and kisses from you, which I love.  You hold me so tight that you do not want me to let you go.  I love it so much.  I love you so much.

So next week, on Wednesday is "D-day" ("Doomsday"-means that the day is finally coming), we need to brace ourselves.

I  love you very much :)