Sunday, September 22, 2013

In The News : Children's bedtime stories on the wane, according to survey

I find this article to be sad. "Stress and lack of time cited as poll finds only 13% of parents read to their kids at night every day of the week."

I find that reading books, either during bedtime or other times of the day, is one of the best ways to continue bonding with my child. I was not always the biggest fan of reading, and reading bedtime stories were not apart of my childhood but I always love the idea of reading to my children before bedtimes, and just reading to them. Daddy loves to read. I have been reading my little Lina<3 since even before she was born. Bedtime stories has become apart of our bedtime routines. We have been consistent with reading before bedtime every night. Sometimes we do not always get to finish the book(s). Lina<3 knows exactly which books she likes the best, which are usually the picks for bedtime stories. She picks out one or two books to read, sit on either Daddy or my lap (depending on who puts her to sleep), with stuff animal or doll, and read. Sometimes, I caught her "reading" ( she does not know how read yet, but pretends to - which is the cutest thing) to her stuff animals or dolls. Or when she is not busy running around the house, and want to read, she will go into her room, get a book, climb onto her rocking chair, and "read" to self. I call her my little bookworm because it is such a wonderful thing that she likes to read and she gets most of that from Daddy (the biggest bookworm... Lol). I hope that she continues to likes book as she gets older. Of course, we are not going change the fact that we will continue to read to you every night.

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