Friday, October 17, 2014

To my little Serena:)

To my little Serena:)

My baby turned one years old already! I am such a proud mama, to have seen how you had grown this past year. It did not seem long ago that I was holding my little six pound baby... whom had quadruple in size (talking about weight here, yes weight, my arms feels it every day, but do not think it is a bad thing that I had said this, because I will always hold you regardless of how much you weight).

Anyways, my baby turned one years old! How fast time flies. Since my last post about your milestones, you had developed so fast. You had learned to walk since September, and walked really well since October by yourself with no assistant from the walkers. Serena:) you had learned to get out of the way when your sister comes charging at you (which is her way of running back and forth like a manic).  There were a couple of words that were said as well, such as something that sounded like a "no", says "bye, bye" really well, and something that sounded like "stop". Playtime is becoming a little more interesting, as you learned play with your sister, or just sit besides her and play, or scream/cry out loud whenever your sister takes something that you are really interested in. You imitate really well, either by us showing it to you or by just watching your sister's actions. When it comes to mealtimes, you, no longer like baby food at all (since September), anything that is too mushy or soft is considered a "no-go".  There is a love for crabs. There's a lot of kissing, hugging, and playfulness.  You give kisses just like Mommy taught you to, and today you initiated a kiss to Baba.

See how times flies, and how you had grown in the past year, from tiny baby who just sleep, poop, nurse, sleep, poop, nurse to my baby who walks, and screams /talking...

I love you so much.  It is hard to put into words how much love Mommy and Baba has for you.  Everyone loves you, which includes your sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncle.

I hope that you continue to feel the love around and know that Mommy and Baba are always here for you.

I also hope that you enjoying hearing about your birth story which I will continue to tell you, in the years to come, on every birthday.

I love you, Mommy