Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A trip to the phlebotomist

Lina<3 loves to play doctor and pretend take care of patients' boo boos or whatnots (most of the time her patients are Daddy and I).  Lately, she likes to give shots with a infant medicine syringe that I had lying around but never used, so it became part of her medicine kit (oh, which I still have not been able to find a good one, a medicine kit, that is).  Lina<3 also likes to call the doctor when Daddy or I get "hurt". So a trip to the phlebotomist (on Saturday, March 29, 2014) was just what she wanted to do when we told her that she was going to doctor's office. It was scary for us because we didn't know how she would react to the blood being drawn. As the technician got the needle ready, cleaned her arm with alcohol, I told Lina<3 exactly what was going on. Lina<3 was not worried or anxious at all, as I held her in my lap throughout the whole process, even when the phlebotomist had to try another arm because it did not work on the first time due to her small veins. My little Lina<3 was so brave. There was no crying, and no whining. Just my big girl saying "okay" to everything I was telling as it happen.

It was a bittersweet moment for me. I wanted her to need me but I wanted her to be a big girl and cry at all. Who would had thought that she grow so fast?

Lina<3 got a coloring book afterwards, which she was excited about. She has been preoccupied with her new coloring books as soon as we got to the car, and after we got home.

I am glad that getting blood work went well for my little Lina<3 ... She took off her bandages too, such a big, and a brave little girl. She is my girl!