Sunday, November 2, 2014


Daddy and I had never been a big fan of Halloween.  This year, I had decided that it would be okay to see what the whole idea of trick or treating is all about, and also Lina<3 had a Cinderella outfit (from a cousin).  Lina<3 and I joined her Auntie Helen and her cousins for trick or treating.  It went well.  Lina<3 was so excited, and had a good time, even had a candy. It turned out that Lina<3 only likes the idea of candy (especially chocolate but does not eat more than a bite or two). Thank you Auntie Helen :)
While Lina<3 was out trick or treating, where was Serena:) ? She was home with Daddy, as I thought it was a little too chilly to be out with her.
From my point of view, trick or treating wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, but Lina<3 had a good time. Lina<3 had fun saying trick or treat when people came out of their house to hand out candy, and walking around to see which house would give out candy, lol.

What to do with all that candy? Lina<3 ate a little bit of it, and gave the rest away to Baba and PorPor.

We hoped that everyone (for those that celebrated) had a great Halloween, and Halloween weekend :)